Birkenhead Library

North Shore, Auckland | 2010

The new Birkenhead Library and Civic Centre is a purpose-built new generation 2,600m2 library situated on a reserve site in Birkenhead, Auckland. The architectural concept for the library is based around a simple narrative of looking through ancient trees that existed on the site to the view - thus notions of solid and void, transparency, light quality, pattern and form were considered and modeled to inform various design demands.  The intention was to have a pleasant and verdant quality of light available within the building that subtly changes during the day, leading to the building becoming transparent at night. The building enjoys a unique setting in the existing elevated Neil Fisher War Memorial Reserve. Birkenhead Library and Civic Centre makes a noticeably positive contribution to the surrounding built environment. The return of a library to the heart of the Birkenhead business district, after a four year absence, has been welcomed by all.