Grahams Funeral Services

Tuakau | 2012

Archoffice was approached by an established Funeral Services Company to provide design work for the re-imaging of their existing funeral home. The initial brief discussed, involved creating a cost effective solution to dress up the currently dated façade which would positively reflect the company’s image and values. Key points discussed included: durability, good visual impact, low maintenance, flexibility to cope with the geometry of the existing building, and minimal impact to the existing structure. A façade of veil/lace like perforated metal screens fixed to the exterior of the building are proposed. The perforations are to be formed by an abstracted grid of circles alluding to cloud like clusters and along with folds in the screens will subtlety represent the idea of “the long white cloud” - land and sky and abstract notions of life and death. This system will create variety and drama throughout the length of the façade and give it the face-lift it requires.