Performing Arts Precinct Feasibility

Auckland | 2013

Regional Facilities Auckland asked us to revise and develop Conceptual work for the Aotea Centre where we were asked to design and locate:

A high performance training centre for the Performing Arts / A home and studio for the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra (APO) / Rehearsal and studio space for the Royal New Zealand Ballet (RNZB) / A home for NZ Opera (NZO) including office space / Office space for RFA / Space for The EDGE operations and management / Commercial space able to generate income / Improved access and reticulation for stage props etc. by way of large vertical transportation able to take a B train transporter or other large deliveries directly to the lower ASB stage level as well as the new exhibition foyer level / Thru site pedestrian link to Aotea square / Administrative spaces for NZ opera and the EDGE management.

Design work was carried out and a report was prepared and submitted in May 2012 which located the above facilities in a new layout, but more importantly showed an arrangement for a completely new main public entry and service delivery access to the Aotea Centre & ASB, Herald, and the new performance and dance theatre back stages by way of a one way entry/exit drive through, utilizing the existing car park and loading dock access off Mayoral Drive. This meant a new “Front Door” to the Aotea Centre which dramatically improved and overcame some of the existing conditions for the building which are not working well in their existing configuration, where, for patrons and visitors alike, there is a lack of suitable access for public pedestrian or vehicle arrival, access to parking, motor vehicle drop off & media spectacle in event conditions, sub optimal service access for deliveries and props to the lower level loading dock, poor connectivity between spaces and levels, and very limited wider access for almost all public transport on arrival or departure.