Piha Domain Changing Room

The idea is to create two separate buildings joined together by a long pre cast wall element, but shifted on the site vertically to each other to suit the topography. This shift allows one side of the new building to provide public and accessible toilets, while establishing a visual presence and addressing the street, with the other to provide services and changing areas to serve the campground behind.

The wall element creates an opportunity for a visual canvas of plants and colour. The arrival areas at the “green wall”, when entering along the boardwalks – which weave a semi-circular pattern through the existing Pohutakawa trees bordering the road, establishes a gathering point, offering a place to sit, wait and interact.

The core structure of the two forms are black sand precast concrete panels, with vertical timber batten blades set at angles to protect visual privacy into the campground changing rooms. The butterfly shaped roof forms, made of profiled and custom welded metal sheets allows central collection of the stormwater run-off, which is then filtered and recycled through the onsite water storage system. As the roof will float above the precast concrete walls, it will allow ventilation and natural light to the internal spaces. The colours and materials have been chosen to reflect the palette of the local environment.