Te Rangi Recreation Centre

Auckland | 2012

Our first response was to align the building with Birdwood Road and position the parking and access road in front.  In this location the building and car parking is clearly visible from the street with clear access and enables passive surveillance from the residential properties adjacent. In this orientation the main multiuse facility is ideally positioned for the sun on the activity side of the building and can also benefit from a good connection to the park. 

A long singular and mono pitch roof form unites the different elements giving the building a sculptural and figurative presence.  Conceptually this expansive roof form alludes to the idea of a canopy of trees, which is fitting with the surrounding environment and park setting.  This idea is to be represented through introducing patterned ‘eterpan’ fibre cement lasercut panels to the underside of the canopy structure and sections of roof which will be translucent to provide a dappled, verdant and changing quality of light beneath.  This will give these outdoor multi-use spaces a sense of place as well as protection from the elements.  It is envisaged that a skate-park will be integrated toward the western end of the building where there are covered areas and viewing zones.

The plan has been designed with flexibility and potential future expansion as key drivers.  The arrangement of spaces with the multi-use space on the northern side and the service core on the southern street front elevation provides good connections and optimizes access, outlook, sun and wind protection.