Tsi Ming Buddhist Temple

Auckland | 2013

This was an unusual project for the office. We were approached by the Buddhist Tsi Ming Charitable Trust to construct a new meditation hall/temple at their Greenlane site. The design was mostly preordained in that it was from a traditional Buddhist temple classical form and entablature that can be found throughout Asia. We were asked to adapt this form to NZ conditions and to take the project through from developed design to completion.
What made this project special was the high level of finish demanded by the Trust where the whole building is intended to last 500 years. Coloured precast concrete was used extensively for columns and beams and the walls were also precast but honed Monrach panels. A GRC frieze sits above the column and beams as a parapet to the concrete tile roof.
Internally, a large recessed timber dome in the ceiling sets up a 12 ton swamp kauri base sitting atop a solid timber floor upon which will sit Buddha.
More photo’s to come early next year.